a semi-cognitive assemblage


global intentional plans


           ancient bacteria


                            unicellular lifeforms





a scientific fable, I left it overnight and

       look         what       happened


a neural network, architectures
a virtual machine inside the actual machine
neoliberal assumptions of ”inevitable decisions”

woefully lacking of –


global mechanisms for decision making


                        p r o g r a m m i n g

                                               a n d

                           s o p h i s t i c a t i o n

                                      o f

                             l a y e r s

                    i n c r e a s i n g


(I try to avoid the word ”thinking” altogether)



Found poetry from Moral machines? – Ethics and politics of the Digital World  >>
6.3.2019. Keynote I: N. Katherine Hayles: “Cognitive Assemblages and Their Implications for Ethics”