The Notion Of Being In A Town/Cities’ Tails


the notion of being in town:

comers and goers & different layers of the past

(don’t evaporate a layer beneath it)

f  i   e  l   d   s   a   n   d    m   e   a   d   o   w   s    f  o  r    s  i  x    h  u  n   d   r  e  d    y   e   a   r s


laundry or children playing games

& indecency which shows a woman urinating

1. young man from the province,

a dubious businessman

on the verge of adulthood


2. old and unsuccessful actor,

he seemed to be an advanced alcoholic

about five minutes walk away


a place of mortal dangers…

s   p   e   c   t   a   c   u   l   a   r   l   y    o  v  e  r  – p   o  p   u   l   a   t   e   d    c   o   n   j   u   n   c   t   i   o   n    o   f    s   q   u   a   l   l   o   r    a   n   d    s   u   r   p   r   i   s   i   n   g    l   e   v   e   l    o   f    l   u   x   u   r   y

& indecency which shows a woman urinating


(one street further west:

more prominent portions)


3. the grandeur of

decayed and damaged men

of a viscious and decadent town

only interested in club dinners


very urban presences: jungle-like, brutal, incomprehensible


that isn’t just what a city is

that is what a city is

cities’ tails:

h  u   n   d   r   e   d   s   o   f   c   a   r   t   l   o   a   d   s   o   f   h   u   m   a   n   w   a   s   t   e

r  e   t   r   e   a   t    t   o    a    s   u   b   u   r   b   a   n    c   o   t   t   a g  e


Found poetry on ’Literary Studies and the Urban Humanities: ”In Town” with the Serio-Comic Dickens’, a lecture by Jason Finch


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